5 Things You Need to Know about Boudoir Photography



Of the 5 things you need to know about boudoir photography, this one is the most important! Why? Because as women, we always seem to doubt ourselves. Pick up a magazine, go to a movie, or watch t.v. and we are bombarded with unrealistic images of women.

Those women are paid to look perfect.  It’s their job. And guess what, they have a lot of help from trainers, stylists, and makeup artists. Do I think it’s easy for them, no, but it’s also not realistic to compare yourself to them, any more than you would compare say your music skills to someone who has spent their life practicing and playing professionally.

So stop it and think about yourself. How amazing you are.  When you see how sexy you are, you will want to hang images all over your walls.  That’s just a side effect of a great boudoir session. You need too do this for you. To show yourself how great you are.  It might start as a gift for someone else, but it will end up being the best gift you ever gave yourself.



At least at the beginning.  You’ll be full of anticipation and nerves as you arrive at the studio.  As you have your hair and makeup done, you’ll begin to relax a little.  We’ll chat, we’ll laugh, we’ll listen to some good music.  And you’ll think, maybe this will be ok.

And then it will just be the two of us.  We will start and it will feel a bit awkward at first, but then you’ll start to get into it.  You’ll realize I’m not judging you, I’m just trying to get beautiful images of you.  I’m on your side.

Pretty soon you’ll want to try a nude pose or two. You’re moving and laughing and yes, having fun. And then you’ll wonder, why did I wait so long to do this?


If you’ve read a thing or two about boudoir photography, then you know this, but get ready.  You don’t just lie there.  You arch and point and tuck it in. You stick out your bootie and suck in your tummy.  I’ll guide you, but you still need to do the work.

Clients often tell me they were sore the next day.  Well of course you were.  We don’t normally engage our muscles like that, but curves are what make boudoir so sexy and you don’t get curves lying flat on your back.

Amazing photos are a side effect of all that curvaceousness.  Trust me, it’s worth it.  Just get ready to move and we’ll make some magic!



Well, truth be told, I probably can. But really is that what you want?  You are doing this because you are beautiful the way you are.  You are doing it to be more comfortable in your skin and to feel empowered by your experience.

If I show you a set of photos and you don’t recognize the person in the photos, I want it to be because you are amazed at how brave you are.  That you can’t believe it was you who did that.  Not because I shrank your size and took off 10 pounds.

Having said that, if you have something you really don’t like, let me know and I’ll work with you.  Regret a tattoo or wish that scar you got from a fall didn’t show?  I can fix that if you’d like.  Just remember who you are and that the things on your body are part of you.


True story.  One day, a few years ago, I walked into a Victoria Secret dressing room to try on some bras.  There was a woman standing there with a tape measure around her neck who said “Do you want some help, do you know your size?”

Well of course I knew my size, so I said “No thank you, I’m a 36B”. She took one look at me and said “No, your not a 36B.  I’m pretty sure you’re a either a 34C or a 32D. Why don’t you let me measure you.”

Hmm, well I’d been wearing a 36B for a long time, but what the heck, Ok, go ahead and measure me.  I’m sure you can guess the ending here.  I had been wearing the wrong bra size for years!  That gaping that was happening wasn’t supposed to happen.  And when I finally got the right size, my shirts fit better and everything just looked better, especially my t-shirts.

Here’s the bottom line – bras shouldn’t gap.  No lingerie should.  Find a lingerie store or department store with a fitter who can help you find the right size.  It’s really important for your photos that things fit properly.  If you have a favorite outfit, but you haven’t had it on in a while, make sure you try it on because things change and you want to look your best.

Part of the fun of a boudoir shoot is shopping if don’t have everything you need.  Nowadays we buy so many things online, but this time think about going in person and getting something fitted just for you.

I hope these 5 things you need to know about boudoir photography will help you as you plan your session!  I look forward to meeting you!