Hi there beautiful, I’m Gwynne, a Charlottesville boudoir photographer. 

Guess what I’m not.  I’m not a super model.  Actually I’m pretty insecure about my looks and I always have been.  I have my least favorite body parts and some that I think are OK.  The thing I’ve come to realize is — that’s normal.  There, I said it.


Photographer Gwynne Wade

Hello Ladies!

Enjoying a sunset on Maui…

You might be wondering how I can get beautiful boudoir photos of you when you don’t look like a model.  Have you seen my before – after photos?  People don’t just wake up looking like a model.  Even models don’t really look like models when they wake up.  Someone does their hair, their makeup, and their photos are retouched.

Well, that’s pretty much the same as boudoir. You get your hair and makeup done by a professional, you get your photo taken by a professional, then that same professional retouches your photos.  You still look like you, only more dolled up.

Ok, so now you are thinking – well my hair and makeup will be done and the photos will be retouched, but I have NO idea how to pose.  I mean models know how to pose and I don’t.

True, models do know how to pose and move, however they were born knowing that.  Somewhere along the way someone helped them.  Someone coached them. They learned.

Along I come, your boudoir photographer.  Your posing coach.  And hopefully your friend by the end of your session. I’ll make you laugh (one way or another).  I’ll bring out your sexy.  I’ll have you bend and pose in ways you never thought of. And you’ll get amazing photos.  

Have you ever tried to look sexy looking at yourself in the mirror?  Every time I try, I burst out laughing.  If you haven’t tried, try it right now!

Did you laugh?  I’m not even sure it’s possible to look at yourself and make a sexy face, but if you can, awesome.  Come show me!  The thing is when your not looking at yourself, you can do make a sexy face.  You just need some coaching!  Are you seeing the pattern here?

The next thing you’re probably thinking is – I don’t want to get undressed in front of a stranger, she’s going to be judging my imperfections.  This one is tougher to explain, but NO, I’m not. 

I want what you want – beautiful images that you will cherish forever.  I want you to almost cry when you see your photos because you can’t believe it is you in them.  I want you to feel so amazing about yourself that you want to come back again next year and the year after to do it again!  I want you to share them with your closest friends because you are so proud of what you did.  I want you to feel happy because that makes me happy.

My favorite thing about boudoir photography is getting together with you for your preview.  That’s when you see your photos for the first time.  I create a slideshow set to music with some of my favorites to give you a sample from your session.  Then we get down to picking your favorites.  Every single time it’s hard for my clients to pick, I love that!  I always tell people, that means I did my job.

Before becoming a Charlottesville boudoir photographer, I lived in NJ where I did boudoir, families, headshots, and wedding and engagement photography.  You can look at some of the work I did at my former business, Sharp Eye Pixels Photography.

I also love to take awesome headshots for you and I love to capture family memories too!

Two of my favorite quotes:

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”  – Joan Powers – Pooh’s Little Instruction Book

I hope we get a chance to meet! Give me a call or contact me – we’ll have fun and make some memories together!