Top 10 Bad Excuses to Not Do a Boudoir Session

Top 10 Bad Excuses For NOT Doing a Boudoir Session


I’ve talked to many women about boudoir sessions and I’ve heard all the reasons not to do a session, but I’m here to tell you – stop it!  It’s time for your session, you deserve it.  Don’t let nerves or any one of these excuses stop you.


Let me help you out by reassuring you that you can do this!  I know that you will be thrilled with your boudoir results, just don’t fall victim to any of the top 10 bad excuses for not doing a boudoir session …

Hopefully I have helped you push the top 10 bad excuses for not doing a boudoir session aside.  Are you ready to book your boudoir session so I can show you how beautiful and sexy you are?  I can’t wait to meet you!  Contact me so we can get started soon!

Where to Buy Boudoir Lingerie

This is going to be fun…

So you thought about outfit selection, but now you are wondering where to buy lingerie for your boudoir session.

Well, start by looking at what you have.  Lingerie for a boudoir session doesn’t need to break the bank and in fact you may not need to buy anything.  If you are doing a bridal boudoir session, you may want a new bridal outfit that you can use in your boudoir session and then wear again on your wedding night (after you give him his wedding gift – your boudoir album).

So what do you have that you can use – bra and panties, sheer shirts, teddies, camisoles, sexy shoes (a must), a shirt of his, a chunky sweater.  For more ideas, see Boudoir Outfit Selection.

If you do want to buy some new pieces (and honestly you probably do), here are a few places to shop.


Amazon now has a large selection of items ranging from tame to very sexy.  I found everything from $475 silk babydoll to many cute outfits for less than $20.  They also carry a large range of sizes which is helpful.

Amazon lingerie example 1

Amazon lingerie example 3

Amazon lingerie example 2

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secrethas traditional lingerie at reasonable prices. They have stores at the malls if you want to look at sizes, however the the largest variety is online. Sexy angel indeed.

Victoria's Secretv

Frederick’s of Hollywood

Frederick’s of Hollywood is another go to location with a large selection and mall stores in some locations if you want to go in. Many of their styles come in extended sizes too. Bridal white, sexy red, mysterious black?  Hard not to love them all!

Federick's of Hollywood lingerie

Agent Provocateur

 Agent Provocateur has a beautiful and expansive selection of higher end lingerie.  It’s a bit pricey, but it’s well made and should last though many wearings. Wow, right?

Agent Provocatuer Lingerie

And Many More…

The lingerie departments at Nordstorm, Neiman Marcus, and Macy’s all have a large set of choices and of course you can go there and try things on if you’d rather do that than purchase by mail. And then there’s Yandy which carries a lot of very affordable options.  And Lingerie Diva is another site with an outstanding selection including a wide range of sizes.  Really there are many options.

Don’t forget, an outfit includes accessories.  High heel shoes are a definite!  If you don’t have any, try borrowing a pair from a friend that wears the same size. Heels just make legs look sexier.  And you will definitely be able to wear them again.  Even if it’s only in the bedroom. 🙂

Other accessories include hats, earrings (I know you have those), rings, bracelets and necklaces.  Bring a variety and we can mix and match.

If you are doing a bridal boudoir session, any bridal accessories are great.  Do you have your veil? Bring it! Also your garter if you are using one.

So, I hope this has given you a great start!  I can’t wait to see what you bring and if you are doing this for someone else, your significant other will be excited too, trust me.

Until next time, warm regards, Gwynne

Overcome Your Boudoir Session Nerves




Overcome Your Boudoir Session Nerves

So you booked a boudoir session, you’ve planned some awesome outfits (if you haven’t yet, have a look at my Boudoir Outfit Selection suggestions), and now you feel a sense of panic starting to set in.  OMG, I have to wear these sexy outfits in front of a stranger. With a camera. What!  Wait a minute, maybe I made a mistake…

I get it. You feel shy or self-conscious or just a bit concerned.  How can it be that this person with a camera won’t be judging me? She is going to be looking at me the whole time. People talk about public speaking being the biggest fear, well then let’s think about boudoir. It’s like public speaking in your underwear.

Now take a deep breath… breathe, breathe, breathe. Let me tell you how to overcome your boudoir session nerves because if you cancel this session, you know you are going to regret it forever.

Let me start with the most important thing. I’m not judging you, I’m on your side.  I take boudoir photographs because I really love helping women see themselves for the beautiful beings that they are.  One of my favorite parts is the reveal session.  I create a video using some of your photos set to some fun music so you get a chance to just take in the results of your day.  It gives me chills just thinking about the reactions I get. I love it!

Did you get a chance to read what my client, Nicole said?


“Gwynne was so amazing with me!! I really did have an amazing time during our photo session!! She made me feel comfortable in my skin and she made me feel sexy! And best of all, there was no judgement at all, which is always something that sits in the back of my mind as a plus sized woman. I thank Gwynne so much for that! It really made a huge difference to me! Thanks again for an amazing day!”

That’s my goal – for you to have an amazing time.  No, it won’t start out that way.  It will be a bit awkward at first.  I know that and I plan for that.  How? Well I pick an outfit that you will feel most comfortable in and I start with a position that feels the most secure.  This isn’t my first rodeo.

Before long we’ll be doing implied nude shots and you may even want to try a nude pose or two. You’re moving, we’re laughing and yes, you’re having fun. And then you’ll wonder, why did I wait so long to do this?

The thing that’s important to remember is that when you are trying something new – whether it’s public speaking or boudoir photography, you are going to be a bit nervous.  Nerves can be a good thing. They can make us more aware and help us to perform.  You just have to remember that you are doing this for you.  Even if you think you are doing it for someone else, you really are doing it for yourself and you should be proud.

So how do I think you can overcome your boudoir session nerves? Well, you won’t overcome them all before the session, but remember – I’m not judging you.  You can do this. You will look amazing. You will have fun. You will LOVE the images that we create together.

And most likely, you will want to do it again.  If you want to speak with me or meet me before your session, please just ask.  You can contact me, send me a text, or call – whatever works for you.

Warm regards, Gwynne

5 Things You Need to Know about Boudoir Photography



Of the 5 things you need to know about boudoir photography, this one is the most important! Why? Because as women, we always seem to doubt ourselves. Pick up a magazine, go to a movie, or watch t.v. and we are bombarded with unrealistic images of women.

Those women are paid to look perfect.  It’s their job. And guess what, they have a lot of help from trainers, stylists, and makeup artists. Do I think it’s easy for them, no, but it’s also not realistic to compare yourself to them, any more than you would compare say your music skills to someone who has spent their life practicing and playing professionally.

So stop it and think about yourself. How amazing you are.  When you see how sexy you are, you will want to hang images all over your walls.  That’s just a side effect of a great boudoir session. You need too do this for you. To show yourself how great you are.  It might start as a gift for someone else, but it will end up being the best gift you ever gave yourself.

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Boudoir Outfit Selection

When it comes time to make your boudoir outfit selection there are so many choices – from a dress to nothing at all.  I like to start with an outfit that you love and feel really great about.  Usually it’s one of your more “clothed” options so you can relax a little more and gain confidence behind the camera.  Below are some choices.

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