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Boudoir Before-After Photos!

I know what you are thinking – I really do.  You take a look at boudoir images and you think – “Well that’s alright for that woman, but I don’t look like that.  I’m not a model.”

Well guess what, the women I work with aren’t models either.  While I occasionally work with models, none of the women in the photos above are models.  They are wives, girlfriends, brides, mothers, or just someone who wants to try something different to feel better about herself.  In other words, someone like you! 

So, I want to share these before-after photos so you’ll see that makeup + attitude + lighting + posing = great images!  And as I’ve said elsewhere, don’t worry about the posing, I’ll direct you.

The transformation is part of what makes you feel special and empowered.  I think all women look in the mirror and see flaws.  I know I do.  Rather than think about the positive things, we go straight to the negative.  A boudoir experience with me will help you change that.  You’ll see how beautiful you are and on a less than perfect day, you can pull out your photos and remember how special you really are!

Consider a boudoir session an investment in yourself.  You deserve it!  If you have questions, take a look at my Boudoir FAQ or contact me, I’d love to speak to you and answer any questions you have.